Episode 3

Hello, and welcome to the AFTCAST TENERIFE Afternoons podcast. I’m your host Tim Dowd.

Today’s episode we have an interview with my wife and best friend Christine the latest on COVID-19 and the lockdown plus the weather aftcast for last week. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe. I publish every Sunday night ready for your Monday morning commute or just to start your week off with some sun…

Here is the weather AFTCAST for TENERIFE week ending May 17th 2020: It was a bit cooler and a lot windier than normal last week making it feel cooler than it actually was. Temperatures were in the low 20s dropping to 19°C at midnight. We had to eat indoors more than once, which for us is very rare. We are hoping that the summer sun will be out soon and we will keep you informed, you will be able to return to these podcasts next year to find out what the weather was like in a particular week. Great for planning your vacation.

COVID-19 UPDATE day 63
only 7 new cases were recorded on Tenerife last week with none on Friday. Compare that to 16 recoveries and you can see we are going in the right direction. We have been in de-escalation phase 1 since Monday and that means we have few new rules to abide by and some well-earned freedoms. On top of the exercise timeframes we are now allowed to go out for fun, that means meeting friends and family, driving in the car and going to small shops and visiting cafes, restaurants and bars which have outside space. Of course, physical distancing is still in force and common sense should prevail. Spain is still only allowing citizens and legal residents to return from abroad but they have to follow phase 0 quarantine for 14 days before being allowed to take advantage of phase 1 freedoms. Well, enough doom and gloom… Next up, Christine… she speaks very slowly and she said she won’t be upset if you speed her up…

The interview is one-sided and was recorded last year…

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