Episode 7 – Peter Quilty

Hello, and welcome to the AFTCAST TENERIFE Afternoons podcast. I’m your host Tim Dowd.

Today’s episode we have an interview with Publican, Hotel Manager, Restauranteur, Tour Guide and Butcher extraordinaire, Mr Peter Quilty, plus the latest on COVID-19 and the Phase III de-escalation… and the weather aftcast for last week. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe. I publish every Sunday night ready for your Monday morning commute or just to start your week off with a little bit of sun…

Talking of sun, here is the weather AFTCAST for TENERIFE week ending June 14th 2020:

Like a UK spring day last week, the view of La Gomera was clear most days with a bit of cloud and the temperatures in direct sunlight up to about 28°C. Temperatures in the shade were in the low to mid-20s not dropping below 22°C at midnight. As in the past few weeks, we ate every meal outside. You will be able to return to these podcasts next year to find out what the weather was like in a particular week. Great for planning your vacation.

We have now dropped below 90 active cases in the whole of the Canary Islands. Tenerife has 34 active cases with only 4 new in the past week but all of those were in the northern part of the island. Tenerife Sur has been COVID free for 16 days in Arona and Santiago del Teide and over 30 days in the rest of the southwestern municipalities.

We have been in de-escalation phase 3 since June 8th and plan to transition to the new normal on Monday, June 22nd. Most of the beaches are open; again with physical distancing in place. Restaurant and bars’ inside and outside areas are still accessible at 75% capacity plus you are allowed to sit at the bar again with 1,5m space between customers, common sense is prevailing again this week, people seem even more relaxed but, as always, still on their guard. Our pool in the complex has been open since phase 2 with physical distancing and a booking system for a time slot offering a maximum stay of two hours, other complexes still do not have the resources to do everything required and so stay closed… Spain is still planning to open up for foreign tourists on July 1st but there is a new law to create air corridors between Northern Germany and some the Balearic Islands. The safety measures are still not yet in place but they are finalizing discussions between tourist ministers and other European countries to try and find a safe way to accept visitors from countries in a similar state of de-escalation. There is another meeting today and things may change rapidly there is talk of opening up the borders to EU Schengen countries in the last week of June except for Portugal because there will be a celebratory reopening of the Portuguese Spanish border on July 1st attended by the King and the political leaders of both counties.

The interview today welcomes a good friend Peter Quilty who will give us a blow by blow account of coming here, living, working and owning businesses and the decision to return to the UK… and that is up next… but first…

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