Magic Dinner


What is a magic dinner?

Some people have asked me what is a magic dinner. So here is my take on what was, and still is, a successful business model in Germany.

Success factors.

The key to a successful magic dinner is location, location, location. A venue which is not too loud, plenty of space to move around, round tables that seat up to ten people each and four to a magician. Some background music, subdued lighting, but not too dark. A wonderful menu with at least 3 courses and ideally a reception area for pre-dinner drinks. The second factor is the right advertising and pre-booking/payment.

What does the restaurant get?

Whether it’s a family run restaurant, a hotel dining room or a specially catered venue the answer is the same: a known number of guests with a pre-selected menu. The menu can be priced to maximize the profit and reduce the waste.

How does it work?

Guests are greeted by a walking act which sets the tone of the evening. They are entertained during the reception by a strolling magician an optional cash bar allows the guests to choose their aperitif without impacting the ticket price. The magician seats the guests and greets them by name as the seating plan is already decided, then performs a close-up magical effect for each table to kick off the evening. As the magician is finished the table is served the starter. After the first course has been cleared and the wine has been served there is a short interlude where there is a magic parlor show for everyone. The main course is then served, tables waiting for food will be entertained close-up and again tables finished early will receive a close-up show. Another interlude before dessert and the finale during to coffee. A speciality close-up table can be set up in the reception area or bar for those guests who want to see more where speciality drinks can be sold.

How much does it cost?

A show costs €8 per person minimum of ten people collected during the reservation process as a deposit. The cost of the ticket depends on the price of your menu. The cost includes generic ad material from Magic & Meaning and an optional online booking capability to capture names, number of seats and the deposit payment by PayPal.