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TIMOTHY DOWD: welcome ladies and gentlemen to the AFTCAST, Tenerife afternoons. I’m your host, Tim Dowd on today’s show. We’re going to look back at the weather. We’re going to get the latest COVID update. Have a look at Janet Anscombe’s website.

[00:00:18]Then we will zoom on over to  to see what the latest news is there. And we’ve got one email from communication, Adeje. Don’t forget to like subscribe, download the podcast or whatever you do there follow us on Facebook at LWMST watch us live Monday, Wednesday, Friday on YouTube, LWMST, and pictures, Instagram LIVINGWITHMSTENERIFE.  Enjoy the show.


well, there’s going to be plenty of weather in the next few days, as they say it was sunny in the morning. Yesterday and clouding in the afternoon. And the same again today. Funnily enough, it’s a nice and sunny, but a little bit breezy in the morning, then around about lunchtime, the clouds come in from the mountains, but we end up having a beautiful afternoon and sunsets between five and seven.

[00:00:23] That’s great.

[00:00:27] Looking forward on the forecast. He says, we’re going to be in the low twenties all week with. Sunny spells and lengthy sunny spells no rain in sight and no big clouds either. That was the weather for today.

[00:00:42]Wednesday, the 3rd of March, 2021.


COVID update

[00:00:06] here’s the COVID update for the 2nd of March at 2:00 PM. Canary islands. Total is 5,233, which is down from the day before Tenerife 2,235, which is also down from the day before. Arona 72, which is down Adeje 98, we broke the the hundred. So every one of the municipalities that I’m watching is under a hundred.

[00:00:31] Unfortunately Granadilla de Abona went up one to 80, but the seven day average is coming down at 48.7. We’re still on level two, which means curfew from 11, till six. And then there are six people on a table, two at the bar and the rest is history. That was your COVID for today.



COVID update

[00:00:06] here’s the COVID update for the 2nd of March at 2:00 PM. Canary islands. Total is 5,233, which is down from the day before Tenerife 2,235, which is also down from the day before. Arona 72, which is down Adeje 98, we broke the the hundred. So every one of the municipalities that I’m watching is under a hundred.

[00:00:31] Unfortunately Granadilla de Abona went up one to 80, but the seven day average is coming down at 48.7. We’re still on level two, which means curfew from 11, till six. And then there are six people on a table, two at the bar and the rest is history. That was your COVID for today.


now let’s go over to

[00:00:02]  Well today, we’re going to have a look at some of the other stuff that Janet’s doing, because she’s not only a news  blogger,  , but also she has a lot of information, which is static there, but she does update as soon as anything changes. There’s registration matters under the, get it right menu.

[00:00:23] Working in Tenerife, if you’re interested in that buying a property, if you’re interested in that renting as an owner or a tenant. So whether you want to rent or you want to rent yours out letting legally, so that’s letting your property out. Legally keeping dogs temporary for Canary Spain information and basic Spanish vocabulary.

[00:00:44] I’m going to have a quick look in the keeping dogs one. Well, that sounds interesting. I know a lot of Brits like dogs. My dad was a great dog lover.  If there is one thing that sets the British apart, at least in their own minds, it’s their love of animals and many British residents keep dogs or want to many British residents also, however, are either unaware or are misinformed about the rules that apply both to their right to keep animals in the first place, and the regulations governing certain dogs.  . Spanish law legislates against loose animals in all places 

[00:01:18] and nothing, infuriates owners, more than becoming aware that their pets are not welcome on Tenerife’s beaches but they’re not. And most beaches exclude dogs, even when they’re on a lead. And even if the owner has the bags to clean up after their pets, there are however, a few beaches here that allow dogs, though.

[00:01:36] Those are classified as potentially dangerous. See below it must be kept on a lead and muzzled and owners must clean up any mess left by the dogs in their care. The beaches that allow dogs are detailed here and she puts a link and each of them will have a list of specific rules. That must be obeyed.

[00:01:55] The ban on loose animals extends to the communal areas of complexes. Communities are more over governed by the law of horizontal division, which is only ever concerned with owners. So by default, only owners actually have an automatic right to keep pets on complexes. Tenants may do so, but only if their contract expressly permits it or at least does not prohibit it.

[00:02:20] A community has no legal rights or power to ban pets. Only the owner of an individual unit in a complex can decide whether or not pets enter that unit. The law  require any pet, however, to be kept on a lead in communal areas, and despite cat owners, frequent protests this applies to cats as well as dogs, and both must be chipped and registered.

[00:02:44]To repeat, simply because of the number of times I’m asked this means to be explicit, that there is nothing in the law of horizontal division or Spanish law to prevent anyone having a pet on a complex. I often hear about presidents of complexes that introduced no animals rules. And the simple fact is that they have no legal power to introduce such a rule and cannot enforce it.

[00:03:08] The only issue for the law is whether an animal is loose or whether it individual owner puts a no animals clause into a rental contract, a community, or its officers cannot be above the law and introduce restrictions on owners that private property law does not impose. For people on independent properties, not on complexes is, is, is essential to check with your local Ayuntamiento what is the rules on the number of dogs you can keep many municipalities limit numbers to five, for anyone who is not registered as an animal pound or refuge. And in addition regulate that such pounds and refuges may not be within urban boundaries. These rules are quite standard throughout Tenerife, but very slightly bourough to borough.

[00:03:56] Anyone with pets will need to register them anyway. So that would be a good time to check what the specific areas rules are as to the number of animals allowed. As far as registration is concerned, it’s legal required throughout the canaries. . Although this is done at local Ayuntamientos some are more conscientious than others. And owners may be told that there is no actual need or requirement to register their pet. Please see the resource page here. And she leaves the link to a resource page for links to local authorities in particular requirements where all councils agree, however is where the rules are rigid.

[00:04:35] It is in respect of the further requirements for dogs considered potentially dangerous or Perros potentialamente peligrosos. Such dogs are defined as follows by Royal decree, seven eight, seven slash 2002, a continuation of 50 slash 1999. There is also a Canarian law and local Ayuntamientos too, will often have their own usually stricter criteria beyond this generic description in the national and regional legislation, those belonging to any of the following breeds and their crosses. Pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Rotweiler Dago, Argentino Fila Brasiliero, Tosa Inu or Akita Inu, those animals that have all or many of the following characteristics, strong musculature, powerful or athletic constitution, robustness, agility, vigor, and endurance.

[00:05:41] Strong character and marked courage, short hair. That’s describing me though. Isn’t it? Strong, muscular character courage, short hair, thoracic perimeter between 60 and 80 centimeters. That’s me out then shoulder Heights of between 50 and 70 centimeters. That’s me out again on the weighs over 20 kilos. I can do that.

[00:06:08], voluminous square, robust head, a wide, a large skull and muscular and pronounced cheeks, strong and large jawes, robust wide, a deep snout. That’s my mother. Broad, short and muscled neck, broad, thick, deep chest with arched ribs and short muscled back straight, parallel and robust four legs and muscular hindquarters with relatively long hind legs in a moderate angle.

[00:06:39] Oh my gosh. Number two, here, those animals have all or many of the following characteristics. That could be a lot of people. I know a lot of people and they, they probably need to be muzzled as well. Those dogs were the record of aggressive tendencies or prior attacks on humans or other animals. There you go.

[00:07:03] So all dogs deemed by law to be potentially dangerous, must be taken out on a lead. And this must be a fixed lead of a maximum two meter length, not an extendable one. And they must also wear a muzzle. They must be tied up even on private property that is not fully enclosed and their owners must have a license and public liability insurance of 150,000 euros proof of which must be carried with them when they walk the dog.

[00:07:32] The authorities consider that are all responsible when it comes to ensuring that tragedies such as the killing in 2010, have a Santa Cruz toddler by the family. Pit bull becomes a thing of the past. Fines may vary from municipality to municipality, but aren’t considerable and can go from double figures up to 15,000 euros for anyone who fails to comply with the law.

[00:07:57] Finds that the lower end offer owners who do not muzzle, such dogs top end fines will be for failing to register and not having insurance repeated offenses. And so on the rules for dogs deemed potentially dangerous in a nutshell are owners cannot be children. Owners must not have a criminal record.

[00:08:19] Owners must register their dog with their local town hall and pay a local tax when they do. So owners must be physically and psychologically accredited by their local Townhall owners must have public liability insurance to a minimum of 150,000 euros. Ayuntamientos will create a file for the animal.

[00:08:40] It will include photographs, owner supply two when they register the dog, and a record number of it’s chip. Wow. I didn’t realize there was so much to keeping dogs to tell you the truth. I think the easier ones is how to get into Spain as a pensioner. So if you’re interested in any of those, let me know, and I’ll read one ounce.

[00:09:01] I’ll just nip over to Janet and and read it yourself. I’d like to thank Janet for letting me do this, and don’t forget nip over. Give us some love. 


so now we’re going over to /noticias and headline today is tourism presents Canarias Destino, the transformation strategy to reactivate the economy of the islands. The ministry of tourism industry and commerce on the governments of the Canary islands presented this morning, the Canary islands destination strategy, which will redefine the tourism model of the islands over the next three years.

[00:00:30] The project involves the access of all economic sectors of the islands through technology to tourists, allowing them a more authentic and sustainable experience. This transformation of the current economic model of the archipelago  we’ll facilitate the development of the local economy and the improvements of the tourism products through the connection of companies in the primary, industrial and commercial sectors with tourism companies and these with tourists,

[00:01:01]The minister of tourism industry and commerce of the governments of the Canary islands. Yaiza Castilla is the managing director of the public company, tourism of the Canary islands, Jose, Juan Lorenzo presented the plan. That’s an event held in person in efectar and broadcast by streaming, which. 1,229 people registered to follow the presentation of this strategy.

[00:01:27]An objective that will be achieved through a collaboration between the public and private sectors that will allow.  Administrations and companies to cooperate and build a new ecosystem that is more sustainable, resilient, competitive, generating more value to the destination. Yaiza Castillo highlighted that the Canary islands will be the first autonomous community to lead this digital transformation of tourism.

[00:01:54] Our goal is to promote the boost of the economy of the islands, through the consumption of local supply and provide local economic agents with a direct connection with tourists. Technology is going to be our great ally. So also improve the experience of our visitors.

[00:02:12]He explained. All this without forgetting the essential health security of the destination that the current crisis caused by COVID requires. And in which the Canary islands has worked from the base beginning,

[00:02:25]the minister of tourism emphasize the starting point where destiny is right now with the pandemic as a decisive elements and the fight against climate change as an unavoidable challenge. The best response for the millions of people who will travel again in the future that is expected immediately to the islands is to make a tourism product visible among its entire value chain through a platform that develops a business model.

[00:02:50] Similar to that of global operators. We don’t want to replace them. We want to join them and offer a different alternative to our economic fabric and our visitors. During the meeting experts from the private and public spheres  shared their proposals on the future of Canarian tourism. , Since as Yaiza Castilla said in the face of this imperative change of maintaining the competitiveness of the destination co-governance and public.

[00:03:18]Public and private collaboration is more necessary than ever for which we will rely on technology and adopt the rules of open organizations. To develop the Canary islands destination strategy, the managing director of tourism of the Canary islands, Jose, Juan Lorenzo explained that existing talents in Canarian society will be involved.

[00:03:40] And that new business models of digital platforms will be adopted through the deployment of technological capabilities, such as smart cities, artificial intelligence, or the internet of things. These digital tools will allow us to have a greater knowledge about the purchasing habits and preferences of tourists, strategic information though, until now we did not have, and that will be essential to offer a better service to the tourist and generate both value to the destination and the sector.

[00:04:10] Lorenzo added driving and orchestrating the digital transformation of the thousands of small businesses that make up the experimental products of the destination will benefit the local economy while improving the tourist experience.

[00:04:24]finally, they added The value proposition that we will offer the tourists will be to find the entire offer of the destination in a single channel whose fundamental objective will be to improve their experience and the sustainability of the territory they visit.

[00:04:40]Explain the managing director of tourism of the Canary islands in turn supplier and administrations will be able to have a direct contact channel with the visitor that allows them to know him better. And this facilitates a more personalized and sustainable service.


and now we go over to the communication Adeje. 

[00:00:04] Adeje, March the third, 2021.

[00:00:08] Adeje’s department for seniors increases municipal services. The Adeje council department for senior citizens under counselor Carmen, Lucía Rodríguez del Toro has resumed a number of activities for Adeje’s older residents. All under the approval of the competent health measures, the counselor remarks, we have extended certain face-to-face services too for our people working to optimize the existing bourough resources, things like going and putting yourself on the Padrón or getting  certificates to travel. Another service being carried out is issued by the Adeje senior card.  Carnet de Mayors de Adeje Currently being modified or updated in line with the new technology. Every card now has a QR code containing the information about the card holder, meaning that in case of an emergency, the relevant services can act in a speedier and more efficient way if necessary.

[00:01:02] The physical exercise programs keep fits therapy, folklore group, creative, sewing, craft work, et cetera have also restarted again, there is a maximum number for each group. In the activity, which is up to 15 individuals and recently people from Callao Salvaje and  Tiojo Alto have fit therapy classes for their villages.

[00:01:23] And soon the over sixties from Taucho will also have classes on offer over 60. That’s me. Do I get one of these cards? Oh, well, have to look into that. I might, yeah. I might be getting a bus pass. I don’t think, I don’t know whether they do bus pass. I don’t use the bus anyway. Well, there you go. So that was the communications Adeje


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