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welcome ladies and gentlemen to the AFTCAST, Tenerife afternoons. I’m your host, Tim Dowd on today’s show. We’ve got a little bit of weather, the latest in the COVID saga. Then we’ll nip over to Janet Anscombe’s websites. See what’s going on there. And of course the government website, I haven’t received an email from Adeje communication yet, but we shall see, enjoy the show.
well, there’s going to be plenty of weather in the next few days. So they say.
Yesterday was a lovely day. Blue skies, white wispy clouds, temperatures in the low twenties. There’s a little overcast in the morning, but came out in the afternoon today. Similar blue skies and wispy clouds. They’re promising the upper teens and low twenties for the rest of the week. And we’re on the tail end of a high that’s over Spain at the moment, that’s keeping our weather stable.
Don’t forget to wear your 50 factor. You will burn. That was the weather for today. Monday the 15th of March, 2021.
COVID updates.
Well, here are the details for the 14th of March. Uh, Canary Islands total has risen to 4,467 active cases of which Tenerife has arisen to 2,255.Arona is up at 83. Adeje is up slightly at one 15, and Granadilla de Abona is up one at 74. But the worrying thing is the seven-day average as reached over 70 it’s 71.9.
So it looks like we’re in the beginning of a next wave. Um, they have put some special measures in place for the next 14 days, but I’ll talk about that later when we go to Janet, Anscombe’s website. So that was the COVID latest for today.
so let’s go over to Janet Anscombe website and see what’s on offer there.
so Janet’s got a couple of headlines that I want to read out today. And one is the Blackbird and the Apple, which I’ll save to the end.
There’s an update on the COVID 19 that we have eight fatalities in the last five days as UK says autumn wave inevitable and Germany says the same about the fourth wave this summer.
And a clarification of driving in the EU after Brexit and the UK with an EU license.
So let’s start with that one updated March the 14th, just updating this because an issue doesn’t go away, but it isn’t confusing or difficult or not obstruction by the EU. It’s just natural and inevitable and foreknown consequence of Brexit with clear explanations as below with links as to the situation and what you have to do the bottom line is those of you who live in Spain and are currently using a UK driving license will have to exchange it.
The days of “we live in two places” are gone. Choose where you live. So that’s a clear message from Janet there. I think it’s because she’s been getting inundated with a lot of emails, maybe sort of saying it’s not fair. And , the EU is, is doing something to the UK where in fact the UK did it to itself.
Okay. Uh, Canarias eight fatalities in the last five days. Let’s take a deeper look at this one and see what’s on the update here. Update for the 14th of March. We now know the reinforcement level two measures that will apply in Tenerife and Gran Canaria from midnight tonight, which was last night. Of course, the curfew and doors closed for business from 10:00 PM.
Groups limited to four in the external capacity of terraces is reduced to 50% like the indoor spaces. So it’s 50 outdoor, 50 indoor. We also know that these measures are in place for at least the next fortnight and have Easter measures still to come. These have been approved nationally, but all regions can tighten the restrictions and we’ll know more this coming Thursday as to what, if anything, on top of the reinforcement level two, we will have over Easter.
Meanwhile, as the UK says, another autumn wave is inevitable and Germany says that there are already in their third and facing their fourth wave in the summer here in the Canarias. We have a further eight fatalities in the last five days. And Tenerife total case figures have now exceeded 18,000. Well, that’s not, that’s not good news, but we do have a little bit of good news or light relief should I say. Janet took a picture of a black bird with an, and, I know photos with weather or views are appreciated, but today has neither, but it does have a blackbird and an Apple. Two words, which actually played a part in the first proper sentence. Our eldest ever said this bird and Apple are just on the little breakfast, terrorists outside the garden door.
So it’s taken from the living room through the glass on the existing feeder. The Canarys are stuffing themselves with tiny seeds and blue tits are pigging out completely on a bit of Parmesan rind while also enjoying sunflower seeds. Bluetits are called. Herrerillos in Spanish and the word means little blacksmith because they , hold the seed while hammering the hell out of it with their beaks.
He has a photo that’s completely boring, but it does show a Blackbird and an Apple. So she’s enjoying the base of the umbrella behind her is to be converted into a second bird feeder for fruits with incorporated bathing apparatus. Watch this space smiley face. So you’re going to see that picture or read any more about what Janet Anscombe is putting out there, plus all the details about how to be legal in Spain.
If you think you’re moving over, go to Janet Anscombe dot com. Thank you, Janet, for a wonderful website. And, uh, we’ll see you tomorrow.
Let’s nip over to the government.
The government news websites, and it’s got these headlines Torres considers the special fund for the islands announced by the government of Spain, a great relief for the Canary islands, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Fuertaventura will have specific measures against COVID-19 from this Monday. Uh, health confirms 151 cases of COVID in the last 24 hours.
Education launches a pioneering training initiative for students with health problems online. Uh, the Canary islands promotes a platform for the meeting of choral singing throughout . Ibero-America study of the ICU and the Canary islands, hospitals relates oxidative damage to DNA and RNA mortality from COVID and the ICHH keeps operational this week, the temporary donation room enabled in Telde for blood giving blood.
So those were the headlines from the if you want to read up on that, you can go there and translate the page into a language. You understand? So that’s it for the government.
Thank you for listening, ladies and gentlemen,
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