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Timothy:   welcome ladies and gentlemen AFTCAST Tenerife afternoons. I’m your host, Tim Dowd. It’s Thursday, the 25th of March, 2021. Yes, I did look in the calendar today on today’s show. We’ve got a little bit of weather. Well, quite a lots of weather actually. Um, we’re going to go over to Jana Anscombe we’re going to see the rest of the COVID and we’re going to look at the government website if we can.

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 Well, it was going to be plenty of weather in the next few days. So they say, and it’s coming at me, head on direct from the Sahara with lots of dust and sand. The weather is 28 degrees in the shade, a lot warmer in the sun.

It’s blue skies, but hazy. And, um, they’re going to promise this for the next four or five days. I believe. So. Over the weekend, they are. Saying that may come a bit of rain, so dirty rain with it as well. And even though it sounds idyllic 28 degrees, it’s very, very, very windy. I hope you can still hear me.

A lot of people think that this is good weather, but it is really bad weather because it’s bad for your asthma. If you’ve got lot of dust in the air, your car’S covered, your Balcony is covered. You windows need washing. And you can’t really dry anything outside without it being gritty, especially the towels.

Well, that was your weather for today.

COVID 19 update.

Now I’m not ready with this because I didn’t go into COVID straight away. But funnily enough, I remember it from the last three times I did it. So basically we have 4,114 active cases. Uh, Tenerife has around about 2,147. And I think there’s 1,047 in Santa Cruz, 510 in la Laguna. Uh, Arona has gone up to 110 we’re in Adeje at 103 Granadilla de Abona is around about 94.

 And the rest are under 50. So at the moment we are neck and neck with Arona and Granadilla de Abona is not far behind in the South, but it’s still leading with la Laguna and Santa Cruz up in the North there. So that was your COVID for today.

 Now let’s go over to Janet Anscombe dot com and see what she’s got there.

well, of course, she’s leading with Calima arrives as forecast, bringing strong winds and dirty air. And it will be worse over the weekend. And she sees update 25th of March. It’s windy half the Sahara is on my floor. It’s hot and cold simultaneously. And the air is filthy. The Calima’s only just starting really to blow in as forecast.

And it’s going to get worse over the next couple of days. Oh, joy. She says. The next one is Spain’s borders. Only open to British nationals who are residents in the country or who have essential need to visit. And the third one is Los Cristianos Harbor breakwater reinforcement should be completed next week.

So if you want to read that one, uh, the Los Cristianos Harbor Breakwater reinforcements, uh, nip over to Janet Anscombe dot com. And I’ll read this one from Spain’s borders, only open to British nationals who are residents in the country or who have essential need. So basically this story is about the, uh, two different countries and two different entry rules.

So, uh, Janet’s has been inundated apparently with lots of people asking about way after the 30th of March. We can all come on holiday. And the F C D O has updated its travel advice for Spain. Following the announcement that the ban on arrivals direct from the UK will not be extended past 30th of March.

Since the announcement came around the same time that the UK updated his own travel rules. It’s important to note that whatever the UK allows, he has no power to grant anyone entry to another country. All it can do is legislate the reasons for which one can leave the UK as third country nationals.

British visitors may still not just turn up in Spain. However many appointments, real or spurious they’ve arranged with jesters estate, agents and banks, et cetera, to comply with the British rules because they are travel restrictions in place. As far as Spain is concerned, particularly for the fortnight surrounding Easter.

It’s obviously necessarily given the queries. I’m receiving to explain that the UK and Spain are different nation States. It’s like having two doors, one out of the UK and the second door into Spain. The UK opening one doesn’t mean that Spain automatically opens the other because each is a separate country with its own independent powers.

You’ll have heard the word sovereignty. This is what it means, whatever allowance the UK makes for leaving the country. Spain itself won’t allow entry to just any purpose. The main points from today’s FCD O statement is here and she puts a link and she’s. Paraphrasing Spain’s borders are open to European union and Schengen area countries on the 22nd of December, 2020 Spain introduced travel restrictions on passenger travel from the UK, by air sea with the exception of Spanish or Andoran nationals, and those legally residents in Spain or Andorra.

The Spanish government has confirmed that these measures will be in place until 6:00 PM on the 30th of March. After 6:00 PM on the 30th of March, while passengers traveled from the UK to Spain, we’ll resume entry to Spain will only be granted to those passengers who can demonstrate that their journey is essential for further information on the permitted reasons to enter Spain and necessary documents.

See the list below. Of permitted reasons to enter Spain after the 30th of March travelers arriving from the United Kingdom are not required to self isolate on arrival in Spain. However, from the 23rd of November, 2020, there are some requirements for testing on arrival for those traveling by air and sea spot checks may be carried out on arrival to confirm that travelers have undergone a COVID-19 PCR, TMA or lamp test, and have tested negative.

A minimum fine of 3000 euros, maybe issue to anyone who does not comply. If you’re traveling by air or sea to Spain, you must declare on the mandatory health control form listed below that you have undertaken the PCA TMA or lamp test within no more than 72 hours prior to arrival. Have tested negative for COVID-19 and can show on request evidence of the certifying your results.

And then she goes on to list the permitted reasons to enter Spain after the 30th of March. So from 6:00 PM on the 30th of March. Passengers travel between the UK and Spain will resume. However, entry restrictions and testing requirements will remain in force only Spanish citizens who are legally residents in Spain, or those who can demonstrate through documentary evidence and essential need to enter.

Spain will be allowed to enter the country. Permitted circumstances include. Holders of a long stay visa issued by a member, state or Schengen association States who are traveling onto the set country, health professionals, including health researchers and elderly care professionals who are going or returning from essential work.

Transport personnel, seafarers and aeronautical personnel, diplomatic consulate, international organizations, military civil protection, uh, members of humanitarian organizations, students who carry out their studies in the member States or Schengen association States. And who have the corresponding permits or visa and medical insurance provided that they are traveling to the country where they are studying, or that entry occurs during the academic year or 15 days.

Previous, highly skilled, essential workers whose work cannot be postponed or carried out remotely, including participants in high level sports events due to take place in Spain. People travelling for imperative, family reasons who can demonstrate an essential need to travel. All the circumstances above must be justified by documentary evidence.

You should be aware that you may be questioned on arrival by Spanish border authorities to ensure you meet the entry requirements. Spanish border authorities will only grant entry. If they are satisfied that your journey to Spain is essential and reserve the right to deny. Passage. So that’s the good news on the bad news.

Uh, the UK ban has been lifted, but the entry requirements have not changed. And the entry requirements are different for those within the EU Schengen zone. That’s like Germany and the Netherlands, uh, and outside of that. So that means that we will be getting tourists in, uh, from within Europe. Uh, but from outside of Europe, the travel ban.

Uh, or not the travel ban, but the, uh, the entry requirements are, are still stringent there. So that’s, uh, Janet Anscombe for today. I’d like to thank Janet for doing a great job and not losing her rag with the thousands of emails that she gets asking the same questions.

 So let’s see if we can go over now to the government’s website. Okay. Um, the health administration says that 253,260 doses of the vaccine of the vaccine against COVID-19. Uh, and, um, An 8,000 yesterday have been done 8,000 yesterday. Okay. Let me just translate this into English and make it easy for me.

Okay. It didn’t work. So I’m going to try and get in Spanish. Uh, Canary obtains, 56 accreditation’s for developments. Of a new program of Erasmus, uh, the dependency incorporation

. I don’t understand that. Uh, Sanidad registers 222 cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, uh,  okay. I don’t understand that either. Uh,  detective , uh, don’t understand that either basically it’s, uh, the governments of the Canarias is making better an application.

A mobile application for REDEXOS to detect the UN intervene for species exotic species. But we’d have to read all about that. So my translator’s not working so nip over to  dot org and see if he can go and find out what that means. Leave a comment underneath this video. If you’re watching on YouTube, if you, if you’ve translated it, but I couldn’t do it on the fly.

I apologize.

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I love this song. It’s called small town bliss.

Goodbye now.