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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the AFTCAST Tenerife afternoons. I’m your host, Tim Dowd. It’s the 23rd of March, 2021. Happy Tuesday,
as always on today’s show. We have a little bit of the weather update on COVID. And we might even go into a couple of restrictions that we’ve got, then we’ll flip over to Janet Anscombe and she’s got a couple of interesting headlines there and we’ll finish off by going over to the dot org slash to see what the Government is saying as always you can follow us LWMST, or download the podcast from your favorite Podcast App
if you’re watching on YouTube, you see what on the Balcony. Beautiful blue skies you don’t want to give the game away before the start enjoy the show, everybody.
There’s going to be plenty of weather in the next few days. So they say here’s a fog warning, BAAAAAAA just mix it up there. Anyway. The weather yesterday was a little bit cloudy day before was also cloudy in the mornings. Today was beautiful sunshine, blue skies, a few wispy clouds over in the distance there, but La Gomera’s very clear today, which is amazing because they have been promising.
that a calima is on our way. And that means that by Thursday, we should have higher temperatures and dust in the air. So enjoy yourselves today. Temperatures in the low twenties in the shade and 19 last night. And there was 19 at this morning, actually about 10 o’clock. What else was I going to say? Oh, yes.
I’m not looking at the forecast for the next week. It’s always wrong. And we sit on the coast and we have the microclimates anyway. If you are in Tenerife, don’t get where you’re 50 factor. It’s going to be a lot hotter in the sun. That was the weather. for today, Tuesday 23rd of March, 2021.
Timothy: Okay. The active cases here on the Canary islands. If I remember it correctly as 4,271 active cases going over to Tenerife, we now have 2,201 cases there. Zoom into the municipalities by pressing this little button here, we can see that a thousand and a few in Santa Cruz, Tenerife 500 in La Laguna 109, Adeje 95 Arona 91.
Granadilla de Abona and La Orotava is over the 50. Now at 53, the rest are under 50, so that’s not too bad, actually. So they have got some new restrictions in place that started midnights on Monday morning zero hundred hours. And that is basically, we can only meet with four people now and only the people from.
Your own household can meet more than that, but they did say that you weren’t supposed to meet in private domiciles. And that meant that this week’s Balcony Banter would have to be canceled. But the BOC was printed. And in there it does say that this part of the restriction is only for the two weeks before and after Easter.
So that means this stopping big families, getting together over Easter, which is a typical tradition here. And that’s hoping that they’re going to stop the spread there. So that means that this Balcony Banter will go ahead as planned on the Balcony. And it’s only the week afterwards. And the week after that, that we’d have to find somewhere out on a street in a park.
Or in a restaurant or a bar because there are places that people can control and at home there is no control, really. The only thing is if the police knock on your door and say, how many people have you got? And you just say four people. And they said we want to come in and look, say no, cause that’d be five.
Okay. So that was COVID for today .

Over to Janet Anscombe dot com in Tenerife. Janet Anscombe.
The headlines for today is there’s a Spain COVID vaccine update resumed administering AstraZeneca vaccine on Wednesday to under 65s and British couple assault police in Adeje town. After being told, not to park in a disabled Bay. Clocks forward this Saturday evening and we still don’t have a definitive conclusion to the twice yearly changes that should have ended this year.
Oh dear. Okay. So those three let’s start with the clocks. Zoom into this article on Janet’s website. And she says, despite decades talk and a couple of years of clear policies and promises, it seems that the 2021 will continue with the endless change of the clocks. For spring and autumn, nearly 5 million EU citizens responded to an EU consultation in 2018 saying that they wanted to stop the clock changes twice a year.
And it was a proposal that by now this spring EU member States would have decided their preferred time zones. Nonetheless though the EU commission has tabled that proposal and it’s been revisited by the EU parliament and EU council is still not come up with a joint position even two years after the final whistle was blown on making a decision this coming Saturday night, therefore we will join the rest of Spain, which will join the rest of Europe in moving our clocks forward an hour in the full expectation that we will again, have to move them back.
Come. Autumn. I do wish that sought this thing out once. And for all, I really disliked this unnatural resetting of time twice a year says, Janet, I agree. I agree. My grandmother used to think that’s a, in the winter, she got the extra hour every day. She’d wake up in November and say, Ooh, this extra hour makes a difference.
Doesn’t it?
Nelly wynne Jones, or Ellen was the real name. Ellen wynne Jones. Here we go. A British couple assault police in Adeje town after being told, not to park in a disabled Bay. I don’t know why. They’ve got to say British couple is like saying Iranian migrants or something like that, but it’s just.
Two people were assaulting police say the British couple assaulted Adeje police, local officers, this lunchtime in the center of Adeje town near the play park. The pair are described as tourists. But since tourists, aren’t able to leave the UK nor arrive in Spain. Presumably these are people who live here, but who aren’t registered as a residents
in any case the assault seems to have arisen when the British couple were told by the police not to park where they intended, because it was a disabled Bay. The incident was filmed by several people in the area and residents and passes by one is below and she puts a link there to a To a video. One is below published by Buenos tardes Canarias and it seems clear that no one was actually disabled and that it was not just the police officer who emerged in less than pristine condition.
Our national reputation is not enhanced either as can be seen in the video official reinforcements, arrived to assist the police. And there’s the video for all and sundry to see. Okay.
Let’s go into the Spain COVID vaccine. This is one that Janet updates regularly, and the update for the 22nd of March has national health secretary. Carolina Darias has announced this evening that Spain will resume administering the AstraZeneca vaccine from Wednesday to all under the age of 65, because I think it was I think it was blocked for 55 and under, originally.
But now it’s safe for 65 and under, so I might even get the AstraZeneca vaccine myself. And also I’m in the group five that they’re on at the moment. So that means that there are people in their eighties and in the seventies, again in the vaccination first and then people in the sixties, which is me now we’ll be getting it later.
Christine, she’ll be getting one either this, no. When is it next Wednesday? Next week, Wednesday. Okay. So that was Janet Anscombe for today. I’d like to thank Janet for doing this and she does a great service and fantastic. Thank you very much, Janet. Anscombe.
Let’s go over to the government website and see what they’re saying there
they’re leading with Noemi. Santana Canarias is
Naomí Santana. Canary islands is a community free of COVID-19 for the elderly and people with disabilities. cool dude. Sanidad registrar. Okay. This is all in Spanish now, Sanidad that is registering 190 cases of COVID 19 in the last 24 hours. I play with gal. They lost a lot that his cinematography as they can now only as Rodriguez are pre-med I don’t know what a premium means.
So maybe a premiere for the reestablishment of differential fiscal. In the cinematographers and Canarias, I actually don’t understand that the canarian government grants 7.7 million of the Artisanal industry and agriculture and fisheries operators. Okay. This is the budgets where they’ve granted 7.7 million for Artisanal, which is like a handmade or make us industrial and agriculture and fishing operators and Culture presents a new objective in arts of scenes.
For 2021. So if you want to go and see that and your translation engine actually works, then you can go and read all about that on
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