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Taking a look at Harriet’s in Los Cristianos plus an update of the BOC

The permanence of groups of people in both public and private spaces, closed or outdoors, it will be limited to cohabiting people, understood as such those who reside under the same roof. Likewise, they will be considered cohabiting those residents of the Canary Islands who return to their family unit during the period of production of effects of this Decree. This will not apply to activities of hotels, restaurants and terraces, bars and cafes as in Section 7.

section 7

The interior areas will remain closed, except those of health centers, those of work centers for the consumption of their staff and those of accommodation establishments tourist for the exclusive use of guests with accommodation, with a distance of  least 2 meters between adjacent table chairs and with a maximum occupancy per table of 4 people. Consumption at the bar, buffet or self-service and theMaximum capacity in these interior areas will be 33%.In any case, the collection service of food and drinks is allowed on the premises local and home delivery, with the time limitation indicated in section 4.• On the terraces or other outdoor spaces depending on the establishment,Forbidden consumption in the bar, buffet or self-service service and smoking, as well as carrying out activities that promote not maintaining interpersonal safety distance or not to use masks such as party favours, dances, karaoke, etc.You may not exceed 50% of the authorised capacity in outdoor terraces, with a distance of at least 2 meters between adjacent table chairs and with a maximum occupancy oftable for 4 people.• These measures will also be applicable to any establishment or activity that offers the service of food or drinks as a complementary nature to the activity developed, except for the exception provided in the first point of this section 7