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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to AFTCAST Tenerife afternoons. I’m your host, Tim Dowd
on today’s show. We’re going to have a little bit of weather. We’re going to have the rest of the COVID situation. We’re going to nip over to Janet Anscombe dot com and see what the headlines are over there. I’ll have a quick look at the government website as well. I’m recording this today and also on YouTube.
So if you want to see what it looked like or what the weather is really like nip over to LWMST. We also have a page on Facebook and we put pictures up on Instagram, living with Ms. Tenerife, stay to the end for all the details. So enjoy the show. It’s Friday, 19th of March, 2021.
Well, there’s going to be plenty of weather in the next few days, as they say, and the weather has been wonderful. The last couple of days, blue skies, not a cloud in sight a little bit hazy over La Gomera. Temperatures in the low twenties, a lot hotter in the sun. Of course, looking towards next week. All the same sun, sun, sun, till the daddy took the blue bird away.
and that was your weather for today? 19th of March, 2021.
COVID 19 updates.
here’s your update for the 18th at two o’clock Canary islands, total 4,117. That’s down from the day before Tenerife. 2,184 that’s down also from the day before Arona 86 is down Adeje 111 slightly up and Granadilla de Abona is slightly down at 87. The seven-day average is also on the downward trend, at 74.8.
And that was your COVID for today.
so now we’re going to head over to Janet Anscombe, and I think she’s only got one headline today and we’ll read that.
and of course the headline is living with COVID. No social groups in private spaces, no eating or drinking inside public ones. Curfew remains 10:00 PM and Tenerife sealed off apart from permitted reasons to travel. So here we go. This is the standard, uh, post with all the details in it. And she updates it regularly to these update is talking about the new measures for Easter and also the temporary measures.
So let’s have a look at that, uh, update for 19th of March. People are confused by the new level three measures because they seem to be so similar to the reinforcement level two that we’ve been under. And now there are new Easter measures too. I’ve updated the list in bold, above. From the government’s announcements.
So that it’s correct as of Sunday nights, when level three comes into force at midnight and added in the Easter measures, that will be in place just for the fortnight, the 26th of March through to the 9th of April. But all this needs confirmation from the publishing measures when they appear in the BOC probably tomorrow.
So we’re talking about something that we think is going to happen. Uh, but we’re not going to confirm it until the BOC comes out, but usually Janet’s, uh, quite got a finger on the pulse here. So I trust it. Uh, the biggest change we will notice I imagine is that the consumption inside bars and restaurants won’t be possible in level three, places will be able to remain open until midnight for home takeout and deliveries, but they’ll have to close the public at 10:00 PM for curfew.
In addition, groups will be limited to four in public spaces, but get togethers in people’s homes will not be possible. Private spaces will be restricted to just those living together. Level three will also close off Tenerife with entry and departure only for permitted reasons. Uh, the ones we’re all used to, for example, returning home for work, medical, legal banks, et cetera, we have all these measures until the 9th of April.
So it looks like the, uh, they’re getting really, really strict again now, uh, that means that we can’t do Balcony Banter on Wednesday here, but we could theoretically do Balcony Banter out in the street or in a bar. So we’ll keep you updated on that. So thank you again for Janet Anscombe for wonderful websites, lots of great information there and nip on over and give her some love.
so let’s go and see what’s happening at the government websites. I believe not a lot.
and as I thought, the only headline there really that’s changed since the last time is the temporary measures for COVID-19 for the Easter week. Um, so basically nothing new there, but if you want to go over and see. If there’s anything changes, you can go to It’s a little bit early, so I don’t have an email from Clio yet.
So, uh, that’s going to be it for today.
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