The new podcast on Buzzsprout from Timothy Dowd has launched. There are two episodes available and the trailer is here…

The next episode is a sort of How To…. and an interview with myself.



Hi Timothy I am new to podcasts so any help you can give me on how to listen to your pod casts would be greateful, I listened to you video on youtube with The Macmaster which was very interesting!! I own a House in Chio and retired last year ready drive over to live in April but you know how that panned out!! I lived in Tenerife for 8 years in the 90’s I am British, but now live in Dublin so if you ever need any info please contact me.
Keep smiling and Say Hi to your wife
Have fun, Steve Brentano

Sorry in the delay replying to you Steve. Thanks for your encouragement. I publish the podcast at so you can listen there are or if you have a smartphone you can open your PODCAST App and search for “AFTCAST TENERIFE” We are available on Apple Podcast, Google, TuneIn+Alexa, Spotify, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Castro, Castbox, Podchaser, Podcast Addict and RSS Feed.
I said Hi to Christine and she says Hi back 🙂 let us know when you get here we can meet up for a drink…

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