Balcony Banter Fake News

This week we talked about fake news and lying to yourself and others. Watch the YouTube video here…

Balcony Banter – Relationships

Following on from last week we get together again with Juliane Nendel to discuss relationships Juliane is a holistic mentor and has her own YouTube Channel here: watch it live at 5:55pm Wednesday, September 16. 2020 here it will be embedded here afterwards…

Balcony Banter the topic is living in the now

Today we had a great balcony banter we were here with Juliane Nendel and Christine of course and we discussed living in the now please let me know if you would like to join us next week and put your questions in the comments, thanks. See you later guys, bye

EPISODE 15 – How We Met

the story of how we met

Episode 14 – Adrián Baez – 2too close

This episode came late, I know, but better late than never… The PODCAST changed this week from a produced MP3 file to a LIVE Facebook event… the experiment failed. I will be putting the PODCAST on hold for a few weeks to reevaluate the situation. In the mean time here is a live Interview I […]

Episode 13 – Andrew Knight

In todays podcast we have the AFTCAST weather, the COVID-19 Update and an interview with Andrew Knight from SANASTY CAR HIRE.

Episode 12 – USA VISA PLEASE

The story of my journey halfway around the world to get a new VISA

Episode 11 – Simon Sutton George

Interview today with Simon Sutton George of the Tenerife Property Group. Plus Christine’s SSDD the weather and covid update

Episode 10 – How We Got Here

Welcome to the AFTCAST TENERIFE Afternoons Podcast…

Episode 9 – John Beckley

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Tim Dowd for living with ms. In Tenerife. And today we have a treat for you. We have John Dale, Beckley, who is a neighbor and friend of mine, and he is the digital marketing guy. Hi John. Hi Tim. So thank you very much for this interview. I know […]