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Quiche and Croissants

Quiche from Momo

Hello ladles and jelly spoons, Tim Dowd for Living With MS in Tenerife. I’m here on my balcony for breakfast. It’s Saturday, the whatever date it is of May 18th is it? 18th of May 2024. A little bit cloudy today. Take a look at that. Clouds over the mountains. It’s blue skies out to sea and we can actually see La Gomera a bit. There’s a few people in the pool so it’s warm enough. And Aloe Vera and the TikTokers. We’ve just had breakfast. I’ll show you that.

I had a bit of quiche and Christine had a filled croissant. How was your croissant? It was delicious. So ladles and jelly spoons. It’s probably 24°C degrees in the shade. This is Tim Dowd for Living With MS in Tenerife signing off. See you. TTFN.