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Hello, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s Thursday, the 4th of March, 2021.  Welcome to AFTCAST Tenerife afternoons. I’m your host, Tim Dowd

 on today’s show. We’ve got a little bit of weather.  The latest in the COVID saga.  We’ll go over to Janet Anscombe’s website  and also have a look at the news from the Canarias governments

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 Well, there’s going to be plenty of weather in the next few days, so they say. Yesterday was a little bit cloudy, but it brightened up at the end and we had a fantastic sunset. If you haven’t watched it yet, nip over to YouTube and watch yesterday’s Balcony Banter with Juliane Nendel and remotely Clio

today’s blue skies, no clouds, but a little bit hazy temperatures in the low twenties, a bit warmer in the sun, of course,

the weekend looks around about the same temperatures in the low twenties going down. So about 16 in the night, they say, but on the coast here, 17, 18.

There is no rain in sight for the next two weeks.

That was the weather for Thursday, the 4th of March, 2021.

 COVID-19 update.

 Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got the COVID-19 updates for yesterday. The 3rd of March, 2021 at 2:00 PM. The Canary Islands total is 5,030. And that is down from the day before Tenerife 2,230 down from the day before Arona 73, which is one up Adeje, 105, which is two up Granadilla de Abona, 76, which is slightly down.

And the seven day average has risen one point, to 49.7. We’re still under 50, but we are still at level two. Which means curfew between 11 and six, six people maximum on a table, in a bar or restaurant, and two people at the bar that was COVID for today.

 Now we’re going to go over to Janet Anscombe’s websites,

Well, there’s two headlines. I want to bring your attention to today. The first one is the F C D O, which is the foreign office, a statements  that the 31st of March as a post-Brexit 90 day limit, and the second one is that the UK chancellor confirms, legislation this summer to allow British nationals residents abroad for more than 15 years to vote in the UK elections.

And that affects me. I’ve not been able to vote in the UK for years. I’ve been out of the country 35 years now, I think you know, that you’ve been out of the country long enough when somebody asks you, if you like Fray Bentos and you say you’ve never been.

 So we’ll start with the statement that the 31st of March is the limit for people who were here before the 1st of January being 90 days updated from the 4th of March. The F CDO is obviously as inundated as I, as many others as advisors are right now with people seeking to extend their visits beyond 90 days.

The simple fact is they cannot, unless they get permission from the Spanish immigration authorities, that it is currently unclear how that works. We have two pieces of information only, and that is that the permissions must be sought in advance. And the other is. That they will only be granted in extremis or serious emergencies, the best advice, as I’ve said before.

And as the F CDO says here is to speak to the extranjería. It is already clear that the sub delegation in Las Americas cannot help. So this means Santa Cruz and it is not clear at all that they can help either. The bottom line is. That the 31st of March is 90 days from the end of the transition period.

And anyone who overstays that allowance, risks, jeopardizing future visits.  Not just to Spain, but the whole Schengen area, which is most of the EU. This is a simple fact, not scaremongering, gloating or remoanming but something that was known before Brexit and is now a practical certainty to deal with after Brexit.

And then she goes on to quote what the FCDO says today, which basically is the same. We’ve had lots of messages from those coming to Spain and they advise that you go to the, your local extranjería, or if you’re in the UK go to the consul so that was the first one there.

and here’s a quick update for the thread UK chancellor confirms legislation this summer to allow British nationals resident abroad for more than 15 years to vote in the UK elections. And she goes on to say, well, it’s three years since the last updates and the commitment still hasn’t come to fruition, but in today’s budget, UK, chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak has confirmed that British nationals living abroad for more than 15 years, will it last be able to vote in UK elections?

Whether one thinks that those who’ve moved away should have the right to vote in their country of birth or not. It does seem that this long promised, but undelivered commitment will be at last provided that the right for those who want it, the treasury press office confirming that legislation will be laid before parliament this summer to enact the change into law.

Cool dudes. Okay. Thank you, Janet. Wonderful resource there. Don’t forget to go to

 let’s go over to the Canarian government now. translated by Google into English. Thank you very much. I’m just going to read the three top headlines here. The government executes 1.2 million of the Canary islands reactive plan in 2020, more than a hundred percent of the initial budget.

That’s always good. When you can spend. More than a hundred percent of your budget. A second headline here is Torres transfers. The migration situation in the Canarias islands to the EU fundamental rights agency. So you know that he’s been campaigning a lot now to get EU help because the Canary islands are on the forefront of the immigration from West Africa.

And the EU isn’t really forthcoming. And the other member States are not really forthcoming in taking their share. Of the immigration after the initial documentation, et cetera has been done. So he’s working very hard on that. And the third headline here is Rodriguez appeals to the involvements of counties and municipalities to raise funds aligned with sustainability. And this goes hand in hand, I think with the tourism president of the Canarias Destino project that we talked about yesterday. So if you want to see that and many more go to and translate that into the language that you understand.

 Thank you very much for listening as always.

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